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Tashura Posted on10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

On this special occasion the personell of BDN was Roger Karmanik and Proiekt Hat. Your trauma comes in packed in a deliciously foilprinted 4-panel digipak. Mastered by Peter Andersson. Co-jointed release with American JINX. Tracklist: vieclubgendtymhegehimorebackluti.xyzinfoere vieclubgendtymhegehimorebackluti.xyzinfoseven vieclubgendtymhegehimorebackluti.xyzinfo on your jacket. vieclubgendtymhegehimorebackluti.xyzinfoar vieclubgendtymhegehimorebackluti.xyzinfoan Tale 6.I Hate You vieclubgendtymhegehimorebackluti.xyzinfo Nation.

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